Boxing, Kickboxing Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a fitness training in the park that includes cardio, strength and boxing, kickboxing by padwork. It is possible to do light sparring as well with special protectors. If you would like to move a bit after your work or improve your fitness level join us now. You need to bring sport shoes, comfortable trousers, t-shirt, jumper, bottle of water, a polyfoam mat and your own boxing gloves. All of the sport equipments are available by the trainer. The bootcamp is held on every Monday and Friday from 18:00 to 19:00 in Cinquantenaire parc, Brussels. Every session is 10 .

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Kickboxing Bootcamp



“The training is very efficient, as Zoltán takes our aims and stamina into account. The multitude of varied, tough exercises which are sometimes funny due to our occasional clumsiness adds a lot to the training atmosphere. He is also gradually increasing the level of difficulty, therefore participants will have a sense of achievement.”


“7 weeks, 7 kilos lost, and I actually like going to the trainings. Me who hates exercises. :-) Zoli tailors the program to your needs and capabilities and motivates you to keep going. Thank you.”



Brussels, Belgium

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