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Personal Training, Online Coaching, Sport Coaching Consultation, AVS Neurocoaching

The fitness personal training is a one to one session where we can achieve your goal by different kind of trainings. I suggest for those people who want to lose weight, strengthen muscles, improve their fitness level or sport activities by functional training. Boxing and kickboxing padwork trainings are available as well.

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Personal Training



In addition, you can try the self-protection programme for men and women as well that includes tactics of avoidance, defence against single and multiple attackers also armed attackers. Check the programme here.



First of all we will have a FREE consultation of creating your goal. You will get a personalized training plan. You can choose a place where you want to achieve your aim, for instance, gym, park or in your home.



The training session is an hour that you need to book in advance.








Online Coaching

The Online Coaching can help when distances are too far or the schedules are too complicated and due to these problems the personal training is not available personally.

Therefore it’s getting more popular among the busy people.


The benefits of Online Coaching:

•Home training

•Flexible schedule



What kind of goals can you achieve with it?

•Weight loss

•Muscle gain

•Development of stamina, strength


What you need:


You need a fast internet connection, a webcamera and a skype app. In addition to a 2 square metre free space in your own house.

For more information, please contact us by a free consultation hour.


Sport Coaching Consultation

Do I really know what my purpose is? Do I know what I want to achieve in sport? Is losing weight difficult? Have I encountered obstacles in sports? Is my development stalled? If we are a little unsure, another opportunity starts from September, with which we can organize not only our physical but also our mental part. You can also sign up for a psychology-based Sport Coaching consultation to overcome your obstacles even more effectively and achieve real performance. The sports coaching consultation is combined with an assessment and training program using AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) technology, which provides additional help in development

A system developed by Dave Siever that works with the effects achieved by stimulating brain waves. It has a scientifically based background that has been shown to improve with the following problems: anxiety, ADHD, sleep disturbance, stress, mood disorders, Alzheimer's disease. It also showed significant progress in education and training, just as in the field of sports. The AVS brain trainer (DAVID Delight Pro) is equipped with a visual and an audio system that transmits light and sound pulses to the eye and ear at a specified frequency. Stimuli cause positive changes in brain function through neuronal connections and the hormonal system. We are in contact with the Bioptima Brain Trainer Center in Hungary. More information is available at

Nutritional and Weight Management Consultation

It is also possible to create a new personal diet plan with the help of a nutritional and weight management advisor. We put together a customized diet adapted to the training plan, with 2-month follow-up, consultation, calorie and macro calculation, and special diets, which provide enormous help in losing weight and shaping your body.

Training plans

If someone wants to train themselves, but would like to get a more accurate picture of their training, they can also order a training plan during a preliminary free assessment consultation. The price of the training plan depends on the content of the training plan, which is negotiated in advance.


• Single Personal Training session: 50 Euros

• Single Online Personal Training session: 30 Euros

• Single Shared Personal Training session: 40 Euros per person

• Single Sport Coaching session: 50 Euros

• 8 session Personal Training pass: 350 Euros

• 8 session Online Personal Training pass: 210 Euros

• 8 session Shared Personal Training pass: 280 Euros per person

• 8 session Sport Coaching pass: 350 Euros

• 8+4 PT pass: the price of 8 session personal training and 4 session sport coaching
consultations is 500 Euros, which includes a free training session and a consultation

• 8+Diet plan pass: price of the meal plan compiled for 8 session personal training: 550 Euros

• The 8+4+Diet plan pass: price of the 8 session personal training, 4 session sport coaching
consultations and the personalized diet plan is 700 Euros, which includes a free training
session and a consultation

• 8 coaching+Diet plan pass: if someone wants to fix their diet and achieve some regularity in
their life, then we recommend this pass, the price of which is: 500 Euros

• Rent of private training room: 10 Euros per session

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"...As my personal trainer since May 2019, Zoltan has proven himself extremely competent and reliable professional. I am impressed with his energy, as well as his ability to encourage and motivate me to exercise regularly and properly.


His vast knowledge of the human anatomy, exercise science and physical wellness make him an expert. Zoltan's understanding of the human body's potential allows him to create personalized training programs for any age, sex or body type, and the results are always consistent. ..."


"With Zoltan, it was easy to rediscover the joy of sport and to lose weight at the same time. I love doing sports outdoors and he set up an outdoor training scheme for me by which I was able to enjoy the benefits of doing sports outdoors and keep doing it by myself several times during the week, so this way my training was very effective. Whether summer or winter he keeps you highly motivated by bringing new equipment to training or adding new and often playful exercises to your training scheme while he always pays attention to your background, i.e. previous injuries, your weak and strong points, possible health issues etc. and to your progress as well." 


"I was planning to train for a long time, I am not a sports person. Zoltan helped me to overcome the difficulties and planned a tailor-made personnal training plan for me. With his help in 6 month I am stronger than ever before, I feel myself much better, no more injuries, and still want (and will) to go further."


Kata, (48)

"7 weeks, 7 kilos lost, and I actually like going to the trainings. Me who hates exercises. :-) Zoli tailors the program to your needs and capabilities and motivates you to keep going. Thank you."


“I always felt good after the trainings. Week by week I felt the change. Zoltán always came with an up-to-date plan. He paid great attention to the accuracy and execution of the movements. This movement gave me a whole new strength.”



Try the 8 session coupon that you can use for 2 months for 350 € /save 50 €/

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