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Personal Training and Online Coaching

The fitness personal training is a one to one session where we can achieve your goal by different kind of trainings. I suggest for those people who want to lose weight, strengthen muscles, improve their fitness level or sport activities by functional training.



In addition, you can try the self-defence programme for men and women as well that includes tactics of avoidance, defence against single and multiple attackers also armed attackers.



First of all we will have a FREE consultation of creating your goal. You will get a personalized training plan. You can choose a place where you want to achieve your aim, for instance, gym, park or in your home.



The training session is an hour that you need to book in advance.

Price: 40 € per hour








Online Coaching

The Online Coaching can help when distances are too far or the schedules are too complicated and due to these problems the personal training is not available personally.

Therefore it’s getting more popular among the busy people.


The benefits of Online Coaching:

•Home training

•Flexible schedule



What kind of goals can you achieve with it?

•Weight loss

•Muscle gain

•Development of stamina, strenght


What you need:


You need a fast internet connection, a webcamera and a skype app. In addition to a 2 square metre free space in your own house.

For more information, please contact us by a free consultation hour.

Price: 25 € per hour


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